Logos & branding

Here is a bunch of logos and branding identity I’ve worked on ~

Hits Playtime is a video game contest for students.

>  https://medium.com/@hitsplaytime

Skeleton Biz is Armel Gibson‘s one person company, located in Lille, France.

> www.skeltonbiz.com

La Belle is a new indie label making games with a deep societal, political or cultural background.

> www.labellegames.com

Shake That Button is a website documenting alternative controllers, video game installations and playful performances, created by Pierre Corbinais.


Hearts & Club is a website documenting physical games « which attempt to address socio-political questions », created by Pierre Corbinais.

> http://heartsandclubs.com/

Oujevipo is a website about « interesting » games, created by Pierre Corbinais.

> www.oujevipo.fr

CCCP is a french video game studio, founded in 2005.

> www.cccp.fr