Balade Urbaine

Balade Urbaine was created in 48h during the Urban Jam. Go for a stroll through some suburban streets, and meet the residents who will tell you their story.


Murmurations was created during a game creation event, called Mediajam, in partnership with La Belle games and the information Website Mediapart.


Alisborë is a mobile adventure game which tell the poetical journey of a stubborn little penguin who decides to cross the frozen island of Alisborë to contemplate an aurora borealis.


Lumine is about informing & reassuring children with cancer and their families. The game will be used to de-mystify and de-dramatise this disease.

Ferdinand Laboite

Ferdinand Laboite is a game made during the ZooMachines 2014 game jam, which uses a custom controller for up to 4 players. Both were made in 48h.