Stones of Solace

Stones of Solace is a minimalistic and contemplative ritual, offering you a quiet space for relaxation. Find out what your idol is, and take some of your time to craft them a gift.

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I started working on this project on a trip in Indonesia in 2018, inspired by the beautiful colors and scents of the Island.
Since then, Armel Gibson helped me with the code & design, and Jason Sutherland did some awesome musics for each themed zone ~

Here’s a thread about the game.

Stones of Solace is part of Ice Water Games democratic label.




Press & Exhibitions

~~~ The game was showcased at :

EGX Leftfield Collection 2019 (London, England)

Playtopia 2019 (Cape Town, South Africa)

Internet Festival (Pisa, Italy)

~~~ Press :

Rock Paper Shotgun

PC Gamer

Indie Game Website

Big Boss Battle

Gaming Trend