Posters & branding


A few posters I’ve been commissioned for ~

Yonderplay is a new showcase format imagined by the Copenhagen Game Collective for Nordic Game 2018.

The logo was made by @rostiger.

Ooblets is a very cute game about farming and collecting creatures.

I was commissionned by Ben and Rebecca to make some logo tests and a small postcard image!

Zoomachines is a video game festival celebrating alternative games.

I did the whole visual branding for 2016 edition,  including poster, stickers, wristband, t-shirt, social media banners…with the help of Simon Bachelier.

Sans Mot Dire is a short-movie made by Quentin Lecocq

Screenshake is an international Indie Game festival, organised by  The House of Indie. I’ve worked on the visual branding of the 2016 edition, from the logo to the poster, and the merchandises designs!

Artgame weekend 4 poster (2013).


Logos & Branding

Here is a bunch of logos and branding identity I’ve worked on ~

Hits Playtime is a video game contest for students.


Skeleton Biz is Armel Gibson‘s one person company, located in Lille, France.


La Belle is a new indie label making games with a deep societal, political or cultural background.


Shake That Button is a website documenting alternative controllers, video game installations and playful performances, created by Pierre Corbinais.

Hearts & Club is a website documenting physical games « which attempt to address socio-political questions », created by Pierre Corbinais.


Oujevipo is a website about « interesting » games, created by Pierre Corbinais.